Greatest Hits


ABC News

Hidden Angels: American Families Saving Children with Down Syndrome







 Abducted to Japan” Hundreds of American Children Taken








Tulane magazine

Puppy Raising

Puppy Raising cover






On the Front Lines in Sierra Leone










The New York Times

NYT Motherlode Illustration


My Son’s Adoption Story is Not Mine to Tell


The Washington Post

Cotlon profile outside


How One Man Single-Handedly Opened the Only Grocery Store in One of New Orleans’ Poorest Wards


Cafe du Monde Sarah Netter


With Steamboats and Beignets, it’s No Surprise New Orleans is a Great Destination for Families


110,000 Homes Worth a Combined $21 billion are in Louisiana’s Flood-Affected Zones, Study Says

Bangor PD Tim Cotton 2


This May Be the Only Police Department in America with a Funny Facebook Page

RollingStone image.jpg


Trans in the South: Meet Kids Finding Acceptance in the Bible Belt



Americans Find More Affordable Paradise for Retirement



Army General Makes Pregnancy Punishable Offense in Iraq


This Oct. 8, 2014 photo provided by the California Department of Corrections shows 80-year-old serial killer Charles Manson. A marriage license has been issued for Manson to wed 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, who left her Midwestern home nine years ago and moved to Corcoran, California to be near him. Burton, who goes by the name "Star," told the AP that she and Manson will be married next month. (AP Photos/California Department of Corrections)


Charles Manson Reign of Terror



A Reluctant Hero: High School Football Player Rudy Favard is Big Brother to Disabled Boy




9 Take Your Dog to Work Day Tips




Paste Magazine



The Pride of Ponchatoula: Louisiana’s Strawberry Heritage


Daiquiri menu


All Hail the Drive Through Daiquiri




Gold Medalist Simone Biles is Much More Than Her Birth History

Weirdest Adoption Questions — Answered! 

Just the Two of Us



Six Times I’ve Ignored My Pediatrician

7 Things I Didn’t Know Until I Had a Toddler

Stories From the NICU






Al Jazeera America

Revisiting New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward

Young Entrepreneurs Part of the Post-Katrina Revitalization of New Orleans


ABC News/”World News with Diane Sawyer” 

Mothers Spiriting Away with Their Kids to Japan

Kept in Japan: Fathers Left Behind

American Retirees Stretch Their Dollars in Ecuador

ABC News/”Nightline”

Americans Taken to Japan


Personal Essays


To the NICU Nurses Who Loved My Baby

Dear Boss, Thank You for Firing Me

Here We Are Today

Rebranding the Single Mom: Sarah Netter

Your Best Bet for Love? Timing

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